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Waxing Awareness


First time waxing clients:

Eyebrow $19.00
Lip $15.00
Eyebrow & Lip $34.00
Chin $15.00
Cheeks (side of face) $20.00
Side Burns $25.00
Full Face $54.00
Under Arm $22.00
Half Arm $38.00
Full Arm $46.00
Chest Wax/Stomach $65.00
Back Wax $65.00
Half Leg $45.00
Full Leg $73.00
Fingers or Toes $15.00
Bikini (line) $42.00
Brazilian Bikini (leaves just a strip) $62.00
Brazilian Complete (front and back) $80.00 
Bottom Wax (great for thongs) $31.00
Brazilian (full front) $67.00
Chest Only $35.00
Neck $18.00
Ears $14.00