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Westford/Chelmsford Line
(Formerly Of Chelmsford)

Please check Appointment Guidelines link before coming to your appointment it will help you understand the new procedures we need to follow.

Skincare Membership

A Spa To Remember

Become a Skincare Club Member

Advantages to joining our Skincare club:

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Skincare membership club rate!

Red Carpet Rejuvenation Facial $225.00 per month

Collagen facial $125.00 per month

Collagen facial with Microdermabrasion $210.00 per month

4-layer Seaweed facial $115.00 per month

4-layer Seaweed with Microdermabrasion facial $205.00 per month

Mask’ne facial $95.00 per month

Mini Facial $85.00 per month

Microdermabrasion with Mini Facial $160.00 per month

Young Adult Facial $75.00 per month

Reasons To Get A Facial:

Be preventative: Stay ahead of aging skin.

Stay hydrated: Most mature skin gets dry and dehydrated making the skin appear older.

Each facial leaves your skin feeling well hydrated and looking radiant.

Boost absorption of product ingredients to penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin.

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