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Hair Services

Heather’s Hair Service Prices


  • Curl cut: $50.00 +
  • Conditioning Treatment: $35.00


  • Long Hair: $95+ perm long with cut $135+
  • Short Hair: $75+ perm short with cut $115


  • Updo: $65.00+
  • Bridal Updo $85+


  • Eyebrows: $15.00
  • Lip: $12.00


  • Relaxer- $155
  • Relaxer with cu- $195

  • Women’s Cut & Style: $37.00 +
  • Child’s Cut & Style: $12.00+
  • Men’s Cut & Style: $22.00
  • Wash & Blow-dry: $30.00+


  • Color & Cut: $90.00+
  • Break base $30+
  • Color $55+
  • Full Foil: $120.00+
  • Partial Foil: $90.00+
  • Crown Foil: $55.00+
  • Corrective Color
    (come in for a free consultation.)


  • Lash Lift $40

New Service

Lash Lift – This is a Keratin based cream that curls and lifts your lashes. Perfect for those who have straight natural lashes! You will look more awake and even more youthful. Lasts 2-3 months Follow me on Facebook. Hair design by: Heather for before and after pictures.


Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment has created a formaldehyde free smoothing formula that provides high perfomance straightening in a safe, natural, smoothing process. This treatment will reduce and relax curl while leaving hair revitalized, reconditioned and silky stright for as long as 3 to 6 months. PRICE: $300.00
(shampoo, conditioner, and blow-dry is included). Takes about 3 hours

Simply Smooth Express $150




Great Haircuts vs. Good Haircuts

haircut2Most people don’t really know the difference between “just a good haircut” and a great haircut. And there’s little wonder why that’s the case. The reason is because…

…nobody has ever explained it to them! So, here goes…

There are two reasons most experts would agree on.

1. The cut itself must compliment your face and eye shape, as well as your personality. For example: Remember Jennifer Aniston’s cut? That was a great haircut because it complimented her specific facial characteristics. The cut would not have looked as good on Angelina Jolie.

2. A great haircut looks good even as it grows out. In other words, it should look great between services. Hair grows at a rate of 1/8” per week. Cutting the hair every 4-6 weeks maintains its shape and placement.

Typically, if hair is not at least “trimmed” every 8-10 weeks, it will begin to split at the ends and break. When this happens (and is left unattended), these ends will continue to split up the hair shaft, causing damage – damage that you cannot repair!

Another thing (that might not make sense to the average person) is cutting the hair actually makes it grow faster and healthier. So, don’t make the mistake of letting your hair “grow out,” thinking that you’re making it healthier. Healthy hair is trimmed on a consistent basis.

So, why not let A Spa to Remember help you find your perfect haircut? Our hair designers always take an in-depth look at the details of your face shape and your eyes, as well as what we think will suit your personal style. Now that you know how important that is for getting that great haircut, pick up the phone and set up an appointment with us today!